A Wiki Walk

Explore some of the "educational" wikis below. Focus on their organization and content. While there are essentially endless professional and administrative uses for wikis, the selection below is slanted towards those that include collaborative, student-produced content. As you look at the sites, consider how you might use a wiki to support student learning and/or your own teaching or professional goals. These may not be the absolute best or most comprehensive wiki projects, just a variety of examples. What elements do you want to include in your wiki?

Consider the areas evaluated in the Wiki Grading Rubric.

A HUGE collection of wikis on Wikispaces - Educational Wikis

Mr. Bergmann's Wiki Homepage - Science, Grade 8

Best Educational Wikis of 2009

Cool Lessons Wiki - Scroll down the page and click on the link on the left, Waters School Resources Wiki.

Cool Tools for Schools - Great resource of Web 2.0 tools.

Cyber English Wiki - Students research various topics and create a wiki.

Flat Classroom Project - Award-winning global collaboration between high school students in U.S. and Bangladesh. Students studied and reported on each of the ten "flatteners" presented in Friedman's The World is Flat, using a variety of Web 2.0 tools. This is true 21st Century collaboration.

Go West - Third graders share their learning about Westward Expansion along the Oregon Trail.

Great Debate 2008 - Collaborative project that provides students in grades 8-12 with an opportunity to lead an exploration and discussion of issues and candidates surrounding the 2008 presidential election.

Holocaust Wiki Project - AP World History students create "branching stories" about families in the Holocaust. "They have to come up with realistic decision points, describe the pros and cons, address the consequences of each decision, and fill it in with a narrative that reflects their research on the Holocaust." (Click Period 1, 2, 3 or 4 at the bottom of the page to view student projects).

Olympic Project
- Students at a school in West Vancouver, British Columbia created a wiki about the 2010 Winter Olympics and their community.

Poetry Workshop - A model of what can be done with poetry and wikis.

Primary Math - Primary students share their math learning with students around the world.

Room 15 Wiki - Sixth grade classroom wiki. Includes book reviews and creative works by students, as well as class information. (Click Sidebar to see links to wiki sections).

Schools in the Past - First graders interview parents and grandparents to find out how schools have changed.

Science Wiki - Be sure to look at what this teacher did previous years.

Teacher First Collection of Wikis - Examples for all grade levels.

Thousands Project- Each month, Mr. Monson's fifth grade class posts a new question, hoping to receive 1000 responses from students and visitors from around the world.

Vocabulary Activity - This page was set up as a model, only the first word has been done.

Welker's Wikinomics - Jason Welker at the Shanghai American School uses a wiki for his AP Economics course. His students create a year-long study guide for the AP exam.

Westwood students created wikis with a partner of their choosing, that would help them study for an exam or complete a project.

Wikibooks has almost 10,000 textbook modules that have been created. Wikijunioris producing age-appropriate non-fiction books for children from birth to age 12. Could your students create or edit entries to to books that have already been started?

Wikis for Educators:

Eduwiki - Nominated for the best educational wiki. Click on the subject area links to see subject/grade level wikis.

Foreign Language SMARTBoard Wiki - A wiki created for foreign language teachers that use interactive whiteboards.

MHMS - This Wiki is a place for MHMS teachers to share information & professional development products, discussion, and general things that will help the day-to-day life for the teachers in our middle school and other Library Media Technology Specialists in and around our County & State.

Traci Blazosky's Wiki -This is Traci's glogster wiki, be sure to click on her Bobcat's wiki on the left.

Teach Web 2.0 - An abundance of Web 2.0 Resources

Web2.0 Resources for 21st Century Instruction - The "Web 2.0 Guru" has compiled this extensive list of free Web 2.0 tools to support educational technology integration. Included are the "Top 10 Web 2.0 Must Haves for Every 21st Century Classroom."